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Thread: Gyno or water?

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    Gyno or water?

    Cant keep my hands away from the chest. All this paranoia about gyno. Anyway, the area around the nipple has become somewhat soft. When I press on it, its as if im sticking a finger into water. The finger kinda displaces whatever is inside. And it feels pretty liquidy. There are no prominent lumps or anything suspicious. Doesnt hurt either and sensitivity has not changed. I guess Ill be saving Nolvadex for a later date. Right?

    Also here is a question fot the knowledgable ppl. It is said that enanthate , for example, starts giving results in about 4-5 weeks. Its a 5 day ester though, right? So I guess all that period until week 4 or 5 is the time it takes for the body to start reacting to the increased test levels. Do the sides (those from aromatisation) begin to manifest themselves most prominently after week 4-5 also? Or is it simply enough for the test to be released into blood, ie 5 days?


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    my nipples always puff up a little when on a cycle. If it is sore and feels like a BB under your nipple that is real sore then start taking your nolvadex . thats when you have gyno. I've had it and almost had to have surgery!

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