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Thread: cycle quest

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    cycle quest

    yes i think i am going to cut out the test of my eq/winny cylcle. and i am thinking of taking proviion everyday to prevent gyno and water retention which will be low for this cycle. is this a good idea. if i do this i really dont think i will nolvadex . of one more thing where can i buy yohimburn. oh the reason i am thinking of leavin out the test is because of price. i know test is cheap like $150 but what is costin alot is the clomid which is 2 boxes, 1 box of nolva and proviron . i think the price of these 3 is like $190 is this true. if i do the test it will be 300 mgs a week. oh if i take the proviron everyday will it hurt my gains.

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    Why not keep the test in that cycle, bulk up throughout most of it, and finish it off with winny to cut / harden up a little bit ?

    Clomid you need anywhere from 25 - 30 pills @ 50 mg's a piece.

    Only 1 box of Nolva ??? These are like 15 bucks in Mexico for the 20 mg pills. The 10 mg pills are more expensive (like 18) and have a few more pills.

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    someone is making a car payment off you bunktown
    keep on test and only use nolvs and proviron if needed

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    If money is the problem, put your cycle on hold until you can do the cycle you want. Hey maybe in the time you wait you could find a new source with better price's.


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