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    Arimidex/AI advice

    right i started my cycle this week of test, EQ and dbol

    weeks 1-12: Test Enan 500mg/wk
    weeks 1-11: Equipoise 400mg/wk
    weeks 1-5: Dbol 30mg/ed

    weeks 1-14: Arimidex 0.25-0.5mg/eod
    weeks 7-14: Proviron 25mg/ed
    weeks 3-14: Hcg 500iu/e5d

    weeks 15-20: Nolva. day1: 60mg, day2-21: 40mg, day21-45: 20mg
    weeks 15-17: Arimidex 0.25mg/ed
    now i had planned on running the adex throughout, but that would be 16 weeks in total! (incl. first 2 weeks of pct), and that seems like a fair while to be on adex, i'm aware that it hits HDL pretty hard, a friend of mine ran something similar earlier on this year and got blood values checked week 7 and HDL was in the mid-high teens, apparently that is a bit low! so he dropped it

    i'm wondering whether i should start things without an AI, and just add in the adex when necessary?

    also should i drop it when i get on the prov? and will prov have the same effect on HDL as the adex? or is it not as harsh?

    OR am i worrying about nothing, and is 0.25mg/ed a low enough dose to be alright with running it for that sort of duration? any supps i could run to improve HDL?... i've heard red rice yeast, flax oil and non-flush niacin will all help somewhat, anything else?

    thanks in advance

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