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    Question Sudden Attack of Fear!

    Hey, I just recently purchased some winstrol , and being a beginner in the world of steroids , I was curious about a product that I purchased. A more experienced buddy of mine said that my stuff is not legit, so I was wondering if I can get all of your opinions.

    It is by a company called International Pharmacy, the pills are said to be 25 mgs small and white, and look like mini herbal gel caps. The type that look as if two caps have been melted together to form a pill (sorry best description i can give). Also on the label is a picture of some musclular robot looking guy that appears as though he is made of plastic.

    So if anyone has heard of this company, or of Winstrol being being produced in a gel cap like form, any comments given would be greatly appreciated. Also if anymore information is required i would happy to give it.

    thanks for your time

    p.s. i would have posted a picutre but I don't have a digital camera of any sort

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    The only IP winny tabs that I have ever used were small light blue 50mg tabs. Have you tried looking the 'Steroid Pictures' forum.

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