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Thread: Hcg Help

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    Hcg Help

    Hey, I am reading many confusing things about HCG . I plan on going on it after a 12 week cycle. I was wondering. when should i start it on a Deca /Susta cycle. How much per day and/or how often do I inject, can I inject it with the same 3ml syringes I use to inject the juice with and lastly, can somebody explain why some people are talking about mixing it with water?

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    HCG cannot be run along side your PCT clomid. Personally I don't think you need it for this cycle unless you have complications with testicular atrophy. You may be better off to save it for a future cycle. Yes you can use the same syringe.

    HCG must be reconstituted. HCG is manufactured in a lypholized powder form. Its useless in powder form. You must add some sterile or bacteriostatic water so it can can be injected. You may want to do a little MORE research before starting your cycle.

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    question... first time using hcg . upon mixing the water in will the liquid be completly see thru or will it be a milky white....

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