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    gained too much too quick

    first off, I am a powerlifter and bodybuilder and due to this combination i am a somewhat of a disadvantage. I am in week 2 of prop @100 mg ED and 75 mg tren A ED. I began this cycle at about 203lbs and planned on competing in the 220lb class two weeks from now. my problem is that the scale in my gym broke and i had no idea what i was weighing for about 1 week. Yesterday i weighed myself and i was 220lbs. I realize because i have only been on cycle for 2 weeks that much of this is water but it does not change the fact that i have gained 17 lbs in 11 days. what should i do to maintain this weight... my diet is hella clean right now but i eat constantly to keep the muscle comming. I dont want to "cut weight" like i had to in highschool wrestling(25 lbs in 2 weeks once) because i need to maintain my strength but i cant really eat any cleaner than i am right now. should i cut calories? reduce meals per day, take more protein shakes and less whole meals. I do not believe in changing dosages mid cycle but i would like to hear some opinions.



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    Since no body answered you. If it is to make weight drop the test to 50mg ed with the tren at 75mg ed. Drink lots of water and if you are on creatine stop. Watch your sodium intake as that causes retention, also clean up your diet. If you do not want to go over weight limit... same as if you want to bulk... know where I am going with this? Diet.

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