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    Your mom's

    who's had a hernia?

    apparently i've got an umbilical hernia the size of a small marble. has anyone had one of the procedures and if so which one? how much did it cost and how long were u out of the gym? any info would be greatly appreciated.

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    Close friend just had the operation done. He is still moving around very slowly, in the bed most of the time watching tv. Its been a week now and he says he is ready to get back in the gym, but only to do light lifting. Not sure how much the surgery costed, but it only took about an hour. Hope this helps some.

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    That really sucks bro. One of my friends had hernia. I will ask him and get back to you bro. Speedy recovery.

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    I have had a hernia.

    Two ways to surgically correct abdomen or laparoscopic. I had a regular incision and they went through my abdominal wall...never again. I couldn't even walk for a week. Laparoscopically you're walking in days. Both methods will sew in mesh.

    As far as was free...I live in Canada.

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