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    Advice Needed On Cycle!!

    Hi people
    im looking for a little advice on a good mass bulking cycle.
    I have been bodybuilding now since march 2005,i started out at ten stone and finished a cycle about eight weeks ago at just over fifteen.
    The thing is,the last five/six weeks i have lost nearly a stone and a half is this normal?

    i was takeing prop,test 350,& deca along with nolvadex and me vitamins.

    im gonna try anadrol ,can anyone give me advice on what to put with this and how to take over a period of how many weeks
    thankyou i will be very gratefull of any advice.....

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    if you are planning on taking anadrol , i suggest you take a lot of anti-e along with it. secondly you should be running single ester test with the anadrol. i suggest using test e 500mg/week 1-12 weeks. moreover, if you are losing weight you need to be eating more. diet is key bro

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    You gained 5 stone in 7-8 months!?!?!?!? Holy shit!!!! Thats 70lbs which means you gained like 2lbs a week each and every week for the last 7-8 months. Good shit!

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    if youve only been lifting since march, you DO NOT need steroids ! I find it hard to believe you gained 70lbs since march too. what are your stats?

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    Quote Originally Posted by longhorn814
    If youve only been lifting since march you DO NOT need steroids! I find it hard to believe you gained 70lbs since march too. what are your stats?

    well said bro... i agree its way too early for him to use gear already... inkytats bro u should research more on aas, get ur diet in check, lift for a couple years, and most of all build a solid base to work from.....

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