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    Cool Is it worth it ???

    Is it worth it to try a cycle of T3 for 3 weeks or could I get sliced just by diet and excercise. I am on a winny-decca cycle with a low dose of test every 2 weeks, currently 18% body fat at 6'3". Thanks...

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    I dont know much about t3 but I heard that in can give you trouble with your thyrois especially if you already have trouble with it now.

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    Check out CYCLEONS info in the educational threads - Should tell you all you need to know.

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    ok bro

    well t-3 is good but you have to use a correct dosage,it will only give you trouble with your glands if you abuse it.another fact is you will get sliced as hell on it but you will loose some mass,i am currently looking for a new source who can get it for me my source got busted just before he got it for me.but anyways it is good just read up on it and the dosages,good luck bro pm me anytime about info
    peace out

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    I think you can get pretty lean with just a proper diet, cardio and exercise......however the t-3 helps especially if you reached a plateau in your fat loss, but if you are 18% BF, you should start out with a proper diet etc...once you get to single digets you can think about T-3...XXL

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    You might want to try some ECA or clen if you havent already.... JMO. I wouldn't want to lose muscle. Plus there is the possiblility of the fat gain after the cycle is over.

    If you think your diet can help, why would you not want to try that 1st? Not a flame but why go for the drugs if you can do it on your own? Easy way is not always the best.

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