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Thread: Clen Only

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    Clen Only

    Hey bros,

    Haven't posted in awhile - I seem to keep going on these "on" and "off" cycles of motivation in the gym. Working 15 hour days, going to school full time; and lifting is tough - you all know how it is.

    Anyways - I'm curious about Clen . I've used it a couple times (just for a week on, a week off, here and there) ... not as religiously as I have AAS.

    I am looking to trim down a bit - I've got about ... 5 cycles under my belt, and I'm thinking about using some clen to help some loss of fat.

    Current Stats:
    BF: Around 15-18%

    Short Term Goals:
    Weight: 205
    BF: Around 10%

    My diet will consist of about 6 meals a day, cheat meals on Saturdays or Sundays, PWO and PPWO meals will be very important. I will be doing as much cardio as I can (most likely 3-4 days a week) - I will be posting on the diet forum as well. I need to key my diet in for long lasting energy.

    My daily schedules are as follows:

    Office work M-W 9AM to 4PM
    Class M-W 4:30PM-9:30PM
    Construction Work THURS-SAT 8AM-5PM

    I am working on figuring out a schedule for lifting around the work schedule.

    Back to the Clen -

    I am going to consider doing 1 Week On, 1 Week Off while being persistant with a cutting diet, and a solid routine in the Gym.

    If anyone has any suggestions on taking clen it would be greatly appreciated.
    The last time I used Clen I was taking very little; around 40mcg/ED I believe. (Forgive me for not writing it down).

    Thanks in advance,


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    It's ok to use a little, eveyone reacts to amounts differently. I would go 4 weeks on and at least 4 weeks off. 1 wk on and 1 off isnt going to due much.

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