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Thread: no pct

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    Exclamation no pct

    what happens if after your cycle, when your balls have shrunk, you dont use any clomid or nolva. does your natural test slowly come up by itself, or will you have low test and small balls forever if you dont use clomid and nolvadex after your cycle.

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    Eventually your balls will come back. It can be a long, slow process however, in which you will lose alot of your hard earned gains. You need to "kick start" your bodies natural testsosterone production because it has been supressed by artificial testosterone . You will also more than likely experience varying degrees of fatigue that will not only affect your workouts but your day to day activities as well. Be smart, do the pct.

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    I went for years without ever doing any PCT, and trust me back in the 90's It was in books and stuff but nobody stressed the importance of it...

    my last cycle I took hcg near the end, then 100mg of clomid for 45days and 20mg of nolvadex and b-12 shots daily...

    this was after about a 6 month cycle ( a heavy one, my first ever heavy cycle )...

    I didnt loose a single pound, I actually gained a few pounds off cycle from eating so much... I did loose some hardness, cuts and vascularity, but I also relaxed on my diet as well...

    I am a firm beliver in PCT, if I dont have at least clomid, then I will stay on cycle until I get some...

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