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    lipostabil/phosphatidyle choline

    hey guys,

    ive tona a tonne of research on this stuff lipostabil by avensis. has anyone had any results?

    its main ingredient is phosphatidyle choline, which is derived from soya lecithin?? my wuestion is, would it not just be possible to draw this phosphatidyle choline from the capsule u get and inject it using a slin pin?

    also, could it be used as a topical fat burner?

    im trying my best to lose fat, cardio is helping but man its so slow i feel that its pointless! the thing is, is im a student, so im eating clean to keep things cheap, and my cardio is 45 mins on bike at 70-75% MHR

    any help guys??


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    bro you got alot of stuff wrong. If you do further research you will find that its not the phos c that causes adipose cell lysis. Its the detergent in the solution called deoxycholate. Will kill every cell it touches includeing muscle cells. There is a study on it somewhere.
    dont ever inject something thats not make to be injected and sterile
    no, its not going to work as a topical
    think twice about using this stuff

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    look into lipodissolve not lipostabile. i hear it works better.

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