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    Too Many Injections Per Week?

    Well, the order's placed, paid for and coming Thursday. I just want to run this over with you guys before it gets here, and make sure I'll be OK. Here's the cycle:

    Test Enan @ 600mg/week for weeks 1-13 x 2 injections on Mon & Thurs
    EQ @ 600mg week 1-12 x 2 injections on Mon & Thurs (mixed in with Test Enan)
    Test Prop @ 150mg/EOD weeks 1-4 and weeks 14-15
    (reduces injections = reduces "pain in the ass")

    Nolva @ 40mg ED for weeks 16-17
    Nolva @ 20mg ED for weeks 18-19

    Clomid @ 200mg 1st day | @ 100mg Next 5 days | @ 50mg for remaining 8 days

    Now, here's the possible problem...

    I have a bag of: 100 syringes | 28 gauge | 1CC | 1/2" Needles. I know 1/2" is pushing it for a glute injection, but I plan on injecting on the upper-outter area where there's a little less fatty tissue. I'll be rotating sites too, it won't all be the glute. I plan it like this:

    Weeks 1-4: Prop shot in glute(EOD) | 3 shots for Test E on RIGHT glute, thigh and calf/(lat?) and then 3 shots for EQ on LEFT glute, thigh and calf/(lat?) = 10 injections/week

    Weeks 5-12: 3 shots for Test E on RIGHT glute, thigh and calf/(lat?) and then 3 shots for EQ on LEFT glute, thigh and calf/(lat?) = 6 injections/week

    Week 13: 3 shots for Test E on RIGHT glute, thigh and calf/(lat?) = 3 injections/week

    Weeks 14-15: Prop shot in glute EOD (alternating glutes each injection) = 4 injections/week

    Yes, I know this seems like a lot of injections, but if you knew all the stress and paranoia I've been though, you have NO IDEA how nuts I'm going to be once I have my gear safely inside the room. I know prop is notoriously painful, but with me, I'll just get used to it. Besides the PROP anyway, will be only going in the ass, so it's not like my calf is going to be aching all the time anyway. Plus, from what I hear, you just get used to it overtime, and some people NEVER feel Prop pain... Anyway, what do you guys think? I laid that out as clear as possible, so you could take it all in at-a-glance. Please give me you HONEST feedback and let me know if it really IS too many injections per week, or if that just not a number YOU'D personally like you do to yourself. Keep in mind possible scar-tissue, and I hope to hear back from you soon! Thanks again for all the help so far guys.

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    error message

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    Stress when it comes to obtaining gear ? nahhhh btw, i like prop at the begin and end of cycle ... that looks good ... may wna do 3 weelks to end it over 2 tho

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    Bro...1 cc pins....what is this the minors? get yourself 3cc pins, 1 inch, 25 guage

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    Look behind you.
    Your good on the amount of injections. I would def get some new needles though. At least an inch man. 1/2 inch is just not worth it when you can get needles for the same price as a couple of protein bars. And did you say 1cc? how are you going to put the EQ and Test in one shot. I like your cycle though!

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    I would run the test prop @ 75-105mg/ED not EOd, to keep blood levels more stable. JMHO

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    This cycle rock!! It's the same I have begin last week, but in week 4 I will add 75mg of tren a day and on week 8 add 50mg of winny!! try prop ed

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    I would def. get some 3cc 1in 25g needles. 1/2" is not deep enough for the glutes IMO. I would also put more oil in the glutes to cut down on # of injections. There is no reason to poke yourself more times than you have to. If you are able to draw with the 28g, you'll have a syringe filled with a gazillion little bubbles and a very hard time trying to push that oil back through specially when the needle is inside of you. just a thought. You may also want to concider cutting the prop with the eq. if possible.
    Very nice cycle though...

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    lol...when are u not injecting

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