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Thread: Will this work?

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    Will this work?

    Many of you have said when using test e I need to do a min of 400ml for 10 weeks and 300ml of deca . I have 10ml of test e and will not get any more for 7 weeks, the test e is 250mg. The question I have is, if I do 375ml of test e and 300ml of deca a week is that good for my 1st cycle? + I am set up for pct.
    If the answer is yes should I split my test e up(2 times a week) or once a week?

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    OK emma....listen to me, most people on this board will tell you that you are wasting your time doing anything less that 500mg of test per week and so on. I can tell you from personal experience and from the experience of many friends that this is not necessarily true, especially for your first cycle. I say this with all due respect to my many knowledgeable brothers on this board that know more than me but this issue of dosage varies with every individual. You have to find out how YOUR body responds to this stuff and I am sure every one will agree that if you can get good results with less gear that is the best way to go. You will never know how low you can go if you start off by taking 500mg of test and 400mg of deca BECAUSE IT WILL WORK but you will not know if you could have gotten away with less. Most of the guys don’t want to get into writing all of this and will tell you to do research but I am feeling social tonight.

    Your test is a blend of enanthate 200 and 50 of propionate . If you take one cc of test at 250 and one cc of deca at 200 per week you will get great results...I guarantee it as long as you eat a ton of food. You can mix the test and deca and do one shot per week or two, two will keep you more even but its no big deal either way. You will probably gain 20 to 30 pounds on you first cycle. Your receptors will eat it up. You need to get some HCG to take mid cycle to bring your nuts back up from shrinking if they do. You mix this with the water that comes with it and you inject 500iu sub q with an insulin needle every day for 10 days in week 5 or sooner if your nuts have shrunken up, you will know. You may become confused in how to mix the HCG but you can tackle that in a later post. You must refrigerate it once it is constituted. You also need PCT and you should have tamoxifin "novladex" at 20mg to take every day during your cycle so you wont get gyno. You can do this a little differently but for the most part it won’t make any difference, you are just splitting hairs. Do some research on PCT and get some clomid and continue taking your tamoxifin during PCT. I know that many will say no, this is not enough gear but trust me and just try it this way. If you can get a little more test run it a few weeks longer than the deca before you start PCT and possibly take the rest of your HCG as long as you finish a week or so before you start PCT. You can tweak this up all day long but generally this is good enough for your first cycle. You have many more cycles to go before you find out what truly works for you. Let us know how you are doing. You are going to love it but be careful not to go too heavy to fast or you will hurt your connective tissue, it usually can’t keep up with the strength gains.

    Good luck....Eddie
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    one thing 400ml is not what u need u need to understand
    250mg a ml equals 2500mg so half of a 10 week cycle
    400ml would be 100,000 mg of test e
    u need 2 10ml vials of test e 250mg/ml

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