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    question about weight gain from juice

    This is something I never really understood. For instance, when taking anavar for example, the weight gains are minimal say 3-4 lbs (just read that on another post). But even when I am not taking juice and just supplementing protein and working out I gain more than that. So when people talk about the number of pounds you gain, is it in addition to what you would normally gain? Im having a hard time explaining myself here but I hope you can understand me. If i did an all natural cycle I would gain more than 5 lbs, would the anavar limit my gains bc I would find that hard to believe...

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    To answer your question, no, it's not in addition. When people state what they have gained they are including what they would have gained naturally. But people that take steroids regularly (myself included) tend not to think about what they would have gained naturally, they think about two phases - gaining whilst on, and maintaining what they've gained until their next cycle.

    If you can gain 5lbs of muscle naturally every 10wks, then that is great and you should continue to train naturally. I would like to say most people that use gear can't gain 5lbs of muscle naturally every 10 wks, but that's probably not true... however, they choose to gain 10-15lbs (sometimes more) in 10 weeks, and then try to maintain that for the next 10 weeks. Eventually you will reach a sticking point with your natural training though, and that is when you will make gains on gear that you could not make naturally.

    To answer your final point about anavar , no, it would not limit your gains. In fact, if you took a good dose (60mg/day) of quality var for 10 weeks, and your diet and training were spot on, no doubt you would gain more than 3-4lbs... more like 10+.

    Hope this helps answer your questions!

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