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Thread: Clen Var ECA

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    Clen Var ECA

    My wife is on a Clen , var & ECA cycle

    week 1 & 2 Var 5 mg per day split
    week 1 & 2 Eca 3 times a day

    week 3 through 8 var @ 10 mg per day split
    week 3 & 4 Clen 40 to 60 mcg per day

    then change Clen & ECA every 2 weeks

    what can she expect to see in her body??????????

    5'4" 135lbs good diet (chicken, rice oats, fish, veg, ect ect)
    works out 5 days a week cardo 5 days at 45 min

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    Oh yes and how long will it take for her 2 see anything

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    she "should" have good results.

    On my 1st var cycle I lost 5% bf, going from about 135 to 120, saw results very quickly, had some strength increase, and loved the results. but every one is different.

    Make sure she watches out for sides!

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    she should drop some able to notice within 2 weeks depending on diet...she might wanna start the clen at 20mcg though rather than 40 or 60.... when i start with 40mcg i always shake but everyone reacts different. personally, i like ECA much better than clen. clen gives me headaches too bad and eca works just as well (for me anyway) JMO

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