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    Accutane and your liver?

    Does anyone know how much damage (or how bad) accutane is for your liver?

    How is it in comparison to steriods ? Is it safe to use with (or after a cycle)?


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    Its pretty harsh on the liver and your body

    Thats why you should get routine bloodwork done..I wouldnt even think of running it with a cycle, especially with orals.

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    does clomid count as Orals???

    Also, yeah, I would not run it while on a cycle, but what about starting it with PCT??

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    I have taken accutane 2 times for 6 month each and neither one of my out brakes were because of juice. The first time I was on it, I was 14, the second time I was 25. The second time, the doctor made me take a blood test before I was put on accutane, and once every month I was on it. On the initial test he, basically called me a fat alcoholic! Said my diet sucked and I drink to much and to cut back on both. The blood test looks at some liver enzyme and your colesterol I think. Anyway, I started taking Milk Thissle and then Tylers liver Detox while I was on accutane because I heard it was harsh on your liver and I was still going to drink while on it. So the next blood test he said everything was fine and going good. Well, I had about 2 months to go on accutane and I wanted to start my Dbol cycle for the summer. I decided to go ahead with it and if my blood tests come back bad then I would stop. So the next test came back and the doctor said something to the fact that my levels were "elevated" but not to high that he would be worried.

    So take what you want from that, but that was my experience.

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    ived used accutane for 2 years on and off, i may only use it once a week thhough at 10mg. Dont use it every day. it really kicks acnes ass. and it helps juice break outs and PCT break outs

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