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    Need criteria on my "old school" cycle plan..

    Whats the deal with taking so much roids now when back in the 60's and 70's, B'ers like Arnold and Lou only took 15 mg of Dbol a day and some test? Is more really always better? Anyways, since this is going to be my first cycle I plan to do this:
    Week 1-6: 15 mg Dbol a day
    Week 1-10 Sust 250 500 mg a week
    weeks 11-16 Test Enan 500 mg weekly
    And proviron 50 mg per day through the entire cycle (To harden muscles, prevent Gyno and water)
    Along with PCT Clomid. No Hcg since it isnt a very big cycle. Any corrections should I make? I am 5"9 207 lbs 12% bf (somewhere around there) I plan to bulk up naturally to 230 lbs first before I juice, then get to 250lbs by the end of the cycle. The reason why I want proviron throughout the whole cycle, is I see it as a Cialis replacement, since Proviron heightens the sex drive towards Herculean proportions. Anyways, let me know what you think about this "old school" cycle. The reason I called it old school, was because 15 mg of dbol per day was normal back in the day.

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    imo 15mg of dbol wont do much for you at all mate id up it to 30mg at the very least and shorten the duration to 4 weeks,also why change the test?wa is your reasonin for that?

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    Did you cycle with Arnold or Big Lou?You know for certain what doses they took?

    Anyway,like booz stated,your dbol dose is far to low.Secondly,I'd stick with just one form of Test for this cycle.Preferably Enanthate ,and just run it for 12 weeks.Making that switch at week 10 will disturb your plasma levels(which you want to be stable at all times).


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    I changed the Test because Sust-250 is a rapid release, shorter ester than Test Enan, which is slowly extended release and has a longer Ester...By finishing off the cycle with a longer estered test Enan, I am maintaining my gains I have made..
    Maybe I have no clue what I am talking about..who knows?

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    i didnt think that arnold built his increadble body from a low dose of test & dbol only even if he run them all the year round it`s by logic off coarse he had good genatics but also he had his weak points as any of us though try the modern ways of cycling thats better for u

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    The reason those ways are old school, is because we have come to a general consensus on better and more efficient ways to cycle. Do like hosam4ever said and stick to mordern ways of cycling, you will be much happier with your results. I would also drop the Sustanon from the cycle, and stick with the single ester as you dont want your blood levels to be all over the place, especially on a first cycle. If you want to end your cycle with anything end the last 2 weeks with Test Prop. Finishing with Enanthate will still mean you cant start PCT until week 18.

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