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    First Time Primo, Eq, Enanthate

    Again first time doing them,
    primo by SHERING 200mg enanthate 50mg propiate,
    TESTPRIM-D by LT LABS same way as primo 250mg,
    monday i mix 1 amp of PRIMO with 2cc's of EQ in butt, friday same way 1amp of TESTPRIM-D 2cc's
    of EQ, i want to know is the pain PRIMO and
    TESTPRIM-D similar to sustanon ? a week ago
    and still have pain not much but it does bother..

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    You are confusing this your cycle?
    200mg primobloan/week
    500mg enanthate / week
    400mg EQ/week

    If so, i think you are wasting the primo...Everything eklse looks fine...Some shots hurt some people while they don't hurt other...I can inject 3cxc's of primo into my tri's and have no pain...Some of my buddies look at primo and start to hurt...

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    this my cycle=
    test500mg 1-10
    EQ400mg 1-10
    D-bol 1-7 15mged.
    i'm spliting in 2 shoots 1 day primo and last shoot enanthate or viceversa althrough both test
    i learned that primo when stacking with other
    test gives good results i'm trying it man see if
    works you know...

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