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    flu shot while on cycle

    Is it ok,,no problems too get a flew shot..........

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    Oct 2005
    I wouldn't see a problem, just dont take the shot in the same place lol....

    You might get a little sick from it, but not all people do. Thats becasue the shot is doing the same thing the flu would do if you actually had "the flu."
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    flu shots are for the weak and elderly any honest doctor will tell you that. besides you might have bad reaction and be sick for a week and not able to workout.

    i personally wouldn't take one while off or on cycle. but thats just me.

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    you'll be ok if you get it.... iw as in week 10 or 11 when i got mine..... i got sick for 2 days.... then i was fine.

    It's mandatory for me to get it..... i work in healthcare.....
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