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    tennis elbow - any one got it? How do you cope with it?

    I'm lloking for some exercises to help me with the 'tennis elbow', which is really starting to bug me - I can't do much on bench, shoulder press, and now even curls...

    Any help is apreciated.


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    I played QB when I started football in college, I now play LBer, but when I was a QB it really bugged me after throwing all day long. Anyways the best thing is rest. But I also use to take 2 Cataflams (prescription anti-inflamatory) before and 1 during my games, I also use to rub Flex-All on it, but mainly ice it before and after lifting and take a week or 2 off, it will do your whole body good.

    Ta TownBacker

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    The only "exercises" you really can do for "tennis elbow" is rest and ice. The pain will usually go away with a few weeks time.

    During that time I'd recommend strengthening your forearms.

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    you must see an Active Release Therapist!!!!

    I had the worst pitcher's and tennis elbow for about 5 months. I couldn't do anything it hurt so bad. I've seen a doctor 3 times who can perform this kind of therapy and I am nearly 100%. After 5 months of agonizing pain I thought I was going to need surgery. The rest and ice does not do shit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Just find a doctor who can do this for you, the shit hurts pretty bad due to the scar tissue build up. but feels amazing when you've seen him a couple times. good luck, just search for Active Release Techniques on the net

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    Time, time, time. Otherwise you'll hurt for 4-5 months if your not careful.

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    Is that your picture in the avatar babyweight. If it is "ya baby".

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