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    Superclen dosages

    I have decided to finnaly go off cycle.My clomid therapy is set and all is well.My question to those of you that have used superclen post cycle is.What dosage is correct and effective.Also is it best to take it before bed and is 2 weeks on and 2 off still the rule of thumb.Also I took my last shot of enanthate 1 week ago.Should I start the clen when I start clomid or should I start it now.
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    i usually start the clen with clomid. im pretty sure you can stay on the superclen for more than 2 weeks b/c of the ketotifen. as for the dosage, i havent tried it yet but am starting in a few weeks, probably with half a day to start, maybe a full one.

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    with super-clen start with 1/4 of a pill and increase by 1/4 every 5 days until the effects are pronounced (shakes), and stick with that dose....i usually increase up to and run 1 1/4 tabs for a month total....usually with cytomel from 25 to 125 to 25 in a pyramid type run....

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