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    Much Help Is Needed By All, Thank You

    I AM CURRENTLY ABOUT 170 LBS. AND WANT TO GET TO ABOUT 185-190. My goal is to get a ripped look and still gain muscle.
    Presently I am on:

    1. 300mg of deca every six days
    i was taking ephedra with that and cla, but stopped thanks
    to your hellp
    2. i take isopure no carb shakes 3x a day

    3. thanks to a friend at GNC, i just was able to get milk thistle, ALA, animal stack, cell-tech, and the overnight klmna ball protein for $150. it was goin out of bussiness and they got to keep a lot of stuff. CAN EVERYONE PLEASE TELL ME HOW TO USE ALL THIS STUFF.

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    start you cell tech after your cycle to help keep gains. animal stack is bascaily a waste so dont use it IMO. just take the protien you bought how you usualy would. ala you can help with insulin sensitivity (200mgs 3x daily) and save the milk thistle for when your on a 17aa roid.

    personaly, sell the animal stack to a friend, you dont want it.
    post cycle your trying to fix your nuts anyway so you dont want something to mess with your hormones.

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    Bro I hardly ever flame anyone, but come on your on Deca right now and you're asking how to use everything now after you're already into it???

    That's like jumping into a fire to just see how hot the damn thing is

    Sometimes you gotta think about what you're doing

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    how to use all that stuff......
    my best advice would be to STOP everything...most importantly the deca ...obviously, you have done no research AND are not ready for what you are going to put your body through. Im with buff, you need to step out of that fire...take a deep breath, and start all over. Research the cycle you plan on doing---I haven't heard of many that do deca every six days--if your scared of sides--stick with supplements, if you want to minimize sides--research AS that have sides your not prone to, but DONT half ass a wont be happy in the end. So, that said...continue your current training, spend some time here on AR, get yourself ready, then when your 100% of what you plan to do...hit it hard. I understand your new and I am sorry if you take this the wrong way, but its for your good. See ya around.

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    In a cage near you...
    he's asking for advice on how to use OTC supps...Give the guy a break

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    BTW: Much Help Is Needed By All, Thank You is a lousy subject line. I dont mean to get down on you (too much of that has already happened on this thread), but if everybody titled there posts like that, how would anybody know what posts to read?

    If you clarified the question you are asking and wrote a better subject line you would get better responses...

    How to write a post that gets your questions answered.
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