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    Winstrol Settled (year old)

    I have some winstrol water based .... ug lab (rather not say the brand) 10ml/50mg ... anyways its legit and set to expire in 2008 ... the winny has been stored for about a year ... and it settled down to the bottom ... so the water is at the top and the powder is at the bottom ... anyways ive shook vigirously for about 10 mins and it turns milky again but i can still hear a lil lump inside the bottle ... like its still a lil crystalized and theres a clump in there ... any ideas on how to get it totally milky again ??? can i heat it up .. should i shake it more ??? any ideas ??? thanks in advance

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    try shaking it for another year lol,,,i dont know bro,,i dont really think heaating it would be such a good idea

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    Get a pot of water going,just under a boil.Swirl the vial in the water til everything has dissolved.Shake vigorously.


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    You need to put it in realllly warm/hot water, but not boiling and try and mix it

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