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    Cutting Oils....and smoking?

    I want to try "test propinate" but i have read the stories about painful injections results (Don't like the idea of not being about to sit for 24 hrs).

    I also read about cutting the juice with oils to alliviate the pain from this ASS and the different esthers and their effects on testosterone .

    Question 1: "Do oils affect the efficacy of the AAS?" In other words,...will adding oil to propinate "Increase" the active life of the Propinate?"

    Question 2: "what if you inject and hit a vein with the juice and oil...what are the ramifications?"

    Any CONSTRUCTIVE input is greatly appreciated...Thnks!

    forget the question on smoking (lol)...just wanted to get your attention....thks
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    To my knowledge oils do not affect the strength of the AAS...however, they may effect the distribution time or active life of the AAS. In other words...your efforts to use a short acting AAS may be underminded by cottonseed oil (or whatever).

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