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    My amazing recovery

    In no way am i encouraging the use of tren only, and if I had my time over I certainly would have used test, but, I think the shutdown myth surroudning tren is a bit overblown.

    I started PCT on December 1st after 13 weeks of tren only (well the only AAS, but I also used hgh and lr3igf-1).

    On December 23 (23 days into PCT) I went to get a blood test:

    Free test: 127 (normal range 35-99)
    Estrogen: <50 (Normal range 70-280)
    Igf-1: 850 (Normal range 180-305)

    Got my test done again on December 27 just to make sure.
    Free test: 221 (normal range 35-99)

    Both times it was done mid-afternoon.

    So my test was well above the normal range after only 23 days ... so i think it's safe to assume it would have been back within the normal range much sooner, possibly as quick as 2 weeks.

    Not sure why my igf-1 levels are so high. I didn't think lr3 effected serum igf-1? I'm only taking 4-6iu of hgh. Bizarre.

    For PCT i did:
    Clomid: 100mg ed for 3 weeks
    Nolva: 40mg ed for 3 weeks
    Letro: 1mg ed for 3 weeks
    Ldex: 1mg ed for 3 weeks.
    Clen : 120mcg for 2 weeks.
    lr3: 60mcg ed for 3 weeks
    hgh: 4-6iu ed for 3 weeks (6 on workout days 4 on off days)
    slin: 15iu pwo only.

    Did I need all that? Probably not, but it worked so I don't care. Just thought this might be insightful for people who are afraid to add tren to their cycles because they are worried about shutdown.

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    one of the great things about tren is that even though it shuts you down hard, its very easy to keep all your gains from it cause it causes such rock solid gains.

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    damn thats a lot of anti e's..good to see your results tho

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