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Thread: Var and Deca

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    Var and Deca

    Im looking to do like an 8 week cycle of Var and Deca . Not sure if this is a good combo. A friend of mine does that and says he gets great results of some size, strength, while stayin hard and cut. is this a good mix? he said take 30mg ed of Var split twice a day, and like 200mg of deca twice a week. any suggestions. Im only lookin for 5 lbs of lean hard mass. Ive heard great things about Var. are the dosages good? and how about price? they are supposed to be 60 30mg pills for like $220,

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    Welcome to the board!!

    Without Testosterone in the cycle,Deca is a poor choice.Since you are looking to put on 5 pounds,Var is a good option.

    Would you mind posting your stats ie : age/weight/training experience/cycle experience ect?



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    Is that you PINN? you sound so nice and forgiving!! oh yeah....VET....i forgot! lol. you might want too look into anavar alone bro. assuming you're ready for a cycle, or even need drugs too put on 5lbs. stats please...

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