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    Question Lack of Knowledge on Tren

    I have been doing bulk cycles for a few years yet I have never went out side the box of Sust 250, test 400, Deca 300, EQ, Winny, D-bol. Pretty lame, yet that was the only products I had advanced knowledge on for Mexican brands and trusted. I joined this site to learn more and hear what you guys have to say. I want to try Tren yet I still don't have full knowledge on it yet. I am picking up my gear in 2 weeks and am still trying to figure out the best cutting cycle to get. My diets are always top notch and I take my Cycles very seriously, yet I don't want to **** myself up due to lack of knowledge. Any advise you guys can give is greatly appreciated.

    If I take Tren, what side effects do you think I might encounter? The only side effect I have ever really experienced on cycle was High blood pressure, but I am going to see a doctor before I start just so I can monitor it.
    What brand and Name will I want to look for, for Tren if I decide to use it?
    Where can I get some more info on it?


    Thanks again everyone for your help.

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    there is a profile on it. just go to the profile form.

    I think you will have a different ??? after you read that.

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    i use trembolona 75 by QV, stuff works great for me.

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    i never had any major side effects from it other than increased blood pressure. tren is ideal for a cutting cycle cause its so strong it will still make you gain muscle on a reduced calorie diet.

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