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    Tribulus???? Anyone use it before?

    Has anyone used tribulus as part of their PCT? If so, what have your results been. I am looking into taking it.

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    This should be placed in the supplement forum. Tribulus does have benefits, but it is very limited due to its organic nature. Stick to clomid and nolvadex .

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jay_notellin
    Has anyone used tribulus as part of their PCT? If so, what have your results been. I am looking into taking it.
    Here's what Ntpadude (fellow member) had to say:

    The thing with tribulus is the scientific studies have shown it works something like the way echinachia does when boosting your immunity to fight a cold. You get a temporary boost that peaks out in 10 days, after that the boost drops back to baseline.

    There is also evidence that tribulus also substantially boosts production of aromatase emzyme which results in increased estrogen production. The reason for the 10 day boost then drop back in testosterone production is probably the estrogen it generates begins to inhibit testosterone production. It seems to me, taking tribulus during a cycle without an aromatase inhibitor could be disasterous or dangerous for those prone to gyno. For that matter I used to take tribex during cycles and had itchy sensative nipples which kept me taking nolvadex . Since I dropped the tribulus, I noticed I can do cycles and not need to take any anti-e's at all. In otherwords, in my opinion, the tribulus had no effect on ball regrowth and it actually made me take a lot of nolva that I otherwise did not need to take, etc.

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    Tribulus is the Devil! That stuff made me get the worst acne of my life. I took that crap and had to get on Accutane because of it.

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