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Thread: Sodium Bloating

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    Question Sodium Bloating

    Is there any thing you can take to redce the sodium in your body like as far as supplements? I know sodium can cause unneccesary bloating as it runs in the family bad...Anything you can take where you can still consum sodium but take a supplement to reduce the overall sodium in your body? I mean they have fat burners, carb blockers, so I figure there is something out there to stop sodium

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    the best solution is to avoid salt.. i dont know off hand but im sure there is a herb out there, but still, the best way is to watch ur sodium intake in the food u prepare. try Nu SALT... its a substitute...

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    apparently the bloat from sodium is more to do with the sodium/potassium imbalance. so if you eat more sodium, your bodys balance is out and results in you retaining excess water. you could look into a potassium supplement

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    Well I am about to buy Aromasin with my cycle, so will that help out with the sodium as it makes m bloat???
    I am pretty sure it will..
    I am hoping that will be the solution

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    1 gallon of distilled water for each gallon of regular spring water.

    If you are on heavy andros, you will need anti-e's however.


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