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    Deca-Durabolin + Winstrol

    Im planning on going on a cycle with Deca -Durabolin and Winstrol , so I was just wondering if anyone has any experience from this cycle or perhaps some opinions??

    Gonna start with Deca-Durabolin and then finnish with Winstrol, after the cycle im gonna take nolvadex for a couple of weeks to boost up my testosterone levels .

    Maybe someone has a opinon of the layout of the cycle?


    Btw this is my second cycle, I have Winstrol Only cycle in my history of anabolic use.

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    i think you need to research on how to cycle properly. You need to run test with deca . Deca shuts down your natural test production fast and hard and since you wont be taking any test, your sex drive will most likely be gone for quite some time. Do a search for deca dick. Thinking you can just take nolva for a couple weeks to boost your test levels isnt the best idea. You need to research on how to do a proper PCT

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    wheres the test?... and what type of gains do you expect to gain off of this?

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    lol whats up the new name lol

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