Hey guys.. ok, I did something I shouldnt have, but its done.. I started on my cyp @400/w cycle about 4 1/2 weeks ago.. 2 weeks in I decided to kick start with dbol , so since then ive also been running dbol @30mg/d.. its my first cycle, and so far so good.. I know I shouldnt have thrown dbol in after 2 weeks, but I already had it, and the urge was too strong.. I am taking 20mg nolva/ed, and have letro, clomid, and ldex on hand..

question: my flexibility has decreased significantly, especially in my shoulders.. I knew it would some, but didnt realize I would notice it this fast.. I am big into MA so it has been a pain.. I was curious as to if I will get the flexibility back when I am off the cycle, or is this the price for getting swole? either way I am fine, just curious as to what I should expect.. if it is going to stay this way, I am going to move to some type of grapling MA like BJJ, currently im practicing MiZong kung fu, which requires an extensive amount of flexibility

fyi: I am 5'9", I started at 190lbs, im currently 205lbs.. this is my first cycle