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    What do you guys think?

    Do you think my goals for my next cycle are realistic? I'm currently 205lbs around 12% bf 5'8. This is the cycle I'm going to run next.. I have ran 4 cycles in the past and I have never used prop or tren A before.

    1-10 Test prop 100mg ed
    1-8 Tren A 75mgs ed
    5-10 Winny tabs 50mgs ed
    1-8 T3 12.5-25 mcgs ( I may up the dose depends on body temp)
    anti e's on hand
    200mg b6

    My goals are to maintain body weight and reduce my bf about 3%. I would like to get in the single digit bf. My diet is similar to the "how to cut" sticky in the diet forum. And cardio I do 30mins 6 days a week. I started to diet about 3 weeks ago and I plan to start my cycle in 3 weeks. Also any input on cycle would be appreciated.

    Thanks, bros

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    IMO the cycle looks good. As you know....the key to any cutting cycle is diet and cardio. If you keep those two in check...I see no reason why you can't achieve your goals. Good luck.

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    Canada me2,eh..
    what did your last cycles look like?

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