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    First cycle (Pct help)

    Hey Guys I posted this in the pct forum but didn't get any response so thought I would post it here may be get a little better help.
    Ok guys this is my cycle

    Week 1 to 10: 500mg of test
    Week 1 to 4: 40mg/day of D-bol
    wk 13 - 40mg nolva+ 100mg clomid
    wk 14 - 30mg nolva+ 50mg clomid
    wk 15 - 20mg nolva+ 50mg clomid

    My question is that I only bought enough nolva for my pct and I also need to extend my pct another week so I will have 4 weeks pct instead of 3. I also decided to add the D-bol after I placed my order, so someone was telling me that they would run nolva throughout the whole cycle due to the D-bol better safe then sorry, ( I agree). So I was going to go on AR and buy some more anti-e. Question is should I stay with the liquid nolva or should I go with arimidex or tamox from day 1 of the cycle, and if so how much would I need for the 10 week cycle? I damm sure want to be safer then sorry with the gyno. Thanks

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    extend you cycle 2 more weeks to get the most but the dbol boost should help out, anyways about the pct....

    get the liquidex and get more nolva

    nolva 20mg
    liquidex .25mg

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