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    TRUE LIFE MTV:I'm on steroids

    This program was the biggest joke I ever saw. The first person they had was a gay guy who wanted to win the "best body" contest at some gay bar, strutting around onstage. His physique could EASILY have been attained with a simple protein powder and working out once or twice per week, it was embarrassing. Then there was a super smooth guy who again could have a better physique if he just ate right and dietied. None of the people in the show were impressive and ALL could attain their look naturally if they had the balls to just train and eat right. Finally they had the obligatory death scene with the parents looking at their son's grave saying "steroids killed him". Meanwhile, no autopsy is ever done, we don't know what else he might have been taking nor the dosages he might have been taking. I was disappointed with MTV, as they usually are pretty unbiased, but this show was just pure steroid hysteria. They were talking about things that don't even exist, such as "steroid withdrawal". Withdrawal occurres in the brain and is not part of one's hormonal balance from using steroids. Yes you may get smaller after using steroids, but that is NOT withdrawal in the medical sense. You don't get the shakes or sweats,etc. The show was a joke. I guess the only thing I take from the show is when the guy who was supposedly juicing got all excited because he got to 171 pounds and felt he was ready for the best body contest. Come on MTV, do a real show on this issue or shut the **** up.

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    Hey you're a little late man, there have already been about 4 posts on this show. No need for another one.

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    i think its funny how those parents claimed that steroids killed their son. roids didn't do it, he did it himself with a .357 mag

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    very accurate take on it, but theres already been plenty of talk about this.

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