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    sides start? Feeling weak

    Did my first shot the last night, today I feel just a little weak not alot of energy. Is that normal? Also I know it can take up to 4 weeks for me to start getting gains at the gym, but how long before I can start having aggression or other sides. THanks guys.

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    Did my third shot yesterday, the first two were just fine, but last night I had trouble sleeping, I slept very worried. I sweated alot and felt cold, so I think I got those flu symptoms everyone is talking about. The first two shots I felt like nothing, I did them in my quads, and last night I did the shot in my right glute. Today I still feel a little sick, nothing serious but still a little off rythm, don't feel to do anything and I still feel warm and tired.

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    Canada me2,eh..
    first shot of WHAT???? whats your history?????

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