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    double checkin my new cycle !!

    Hey guyz, got some slack for my over the top stack so with everyones avice heres my new cyce:
    D bol- 30 mg/day 1 month
    enanthate - 1000mg/week 1month

    switching to cutting stack after bulk cycle

    prop- 100mg/day 1-10 weeks
    tren 75mg/day 1-6 weeks
    winny tabs 100mg/day 7-9 weeks
    clen and ephedrine straight threw
    nolva 20mg/day
    masteron 60mg/day 1-11 weeks
    halo 30mg/day 9-11 weeks

    SHOWTIME !!!

    prop for another 2 weeks with letro and nolva

    Thanx guyzzz !!!
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