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    Chronic Diarhea and AAS question.

    Diarhea is not a "tasteful" topic. Nevertheless, my training partner told me that he's had the runs for two years now. A fecal sample revealed nothing and a doctor prescribed furher eval with a colonostrophy (putting a camera up the ole hatch). There are a number of possibilities that have not been eliminated without that eval. He could be somatizing (.e.g., collitus) or maybe a precancerous or cancerous pollop. He is planning a cycle which I discouraged before doing further research. I'm not sure if this is true but couldn't AAS use worsen colon issues (e.g., colon hypertrophy)? Does anyone know anything definate in the area?

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    You sure he may not have collitis my friend had that and couldnt stop shitting and it got so bad he went from 215 to 135 pounds.

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