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    Are there dangers of using HGH in your early 20's

    I am 23 yrs old, and I am thinking of starting a cycle consisting of 2 kits of Jintropin for 3 months(plus I'll probably throw some test in there) because of the great results two of my buddies gained from it and everyone else's testimonials on this site. However, my concerns are (and I dont know if they're true or not which is why I am posting this thread) but I heard that: A) It will make your organs grow B) Its relatively new therefore long term effects have not yet been witnessed unlike test and winny, etc. that have been around for over 30 years and C) My main concern is my age, being 23, my body is still producing HGH, Will a cycle of HGH affect my body's natural production of HGH? Should I wait til I am at least 28 or 29, so I will not alter my body's normal hormonal balance or state? How dangerous would HGH be at my age? Should I just stick with the usual anabolic stuff like test, winny, eq, sust, etc. and wait until I'm 30 to start up HGH?
    Thanks for your replies

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    First off this should be in the GH forum

    Secondly I know many pepole who have run GH at your age and loved it. I am 24 and am currently running Jin for the first time. I really haven't noticed much yet because I am only on my second kit.

    You stated above that you want to run two kits of jin and I can tell you right now that will not be enough. GH takes months to build up IGF levels in your liver so two kits just wouldn't do it. You would need to run GH for 6 months minimum to see some magic start happening.

    The next ? you had was would it shut down natural GH production. The answer to that is as long as you shoot upon waking or early afternoon your body will still produce GH when you sleep.

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    Yeah, dude, 2 kits is not going to be anywhere near enough. You are probably going to need 5 or 6 running 3-5 ius a day. Being so young anything less is not going to do much for you. You may even need a dose higer than 5. GH is definately not for the economically challenged.

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