Hey guys i have been off roids for about a year and a bit, i started getting gyno like 5 or so months after cycle, i didnt really think much about it. mostly bcause i didnt know to much about Nolvadex . so i have ALITTLE bit of fat under both nipples, then again i did gain some fat cuz i stopped working out after boxing.

but im gonna go back on test E, then after that cycle, im gonna go on a cycle of winny ... with alot of Nolvadex and Proviron on hand .... Im wondering if anyone could give me any ideas on how i can do these cycles with nolvadex and proviron together in a good and in the healthiest way possible. so i have a good chance it doesnt get worse.

also, will any of my gyno i have now go away ?

if you wanna pm me please do, any help would be awsome guys.

or email me that would be awsome too, thepua101@hotmail.com

thanks guys