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    Russian Clomid, Nolva and HCG I need your help...

    He there guys I am back in Saint Petersberg Russia shooting Porn for Sineplex again... I have about 400ml of test prop, 100ml of test c, 100ml of test E, 50 ml of Nandro Prop and 50 ml of tren E...

    I have some nolva and clomid, but I really need to know the names of clomid, nolva and HCG that are sold in russian pharmacys... My internet is limited so I cant really search ...

    I am over here for a year so I will need these drugs and would appreciate any help....

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    A hell of a place ...
    mate i live about 60km from russian border but i dont ever seen rus clomid, nolva and HCG .

    Maybe madrussian will help you.

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