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    please help with my cycle!!!

    hey guys.. i was wondering if anyone had any experience with the steriod halotestin ..i was thinkin about stacking 20mgs a day of halotestin with 500mgs of test(ethanate)(cypianate) a week. i heard thats its a lot like dbol but without the water retenion. please let me know what u think about it.thanks

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    Go to drug profile section and read up on Halo. After that line up your goals, stats and previous cycle history and we'll get you suited for a cycle that will get you to where you want to go.

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    if you are looking for raw strenght, halo is for you. if you are looking for size, there are many better suited compounds. i ran 30mgs ed for the last wk of my last cycle, i was strong as hell, put up 315 four times like nothin on the flat bench. id up the dose to at least 30mgs if you were too run it.

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