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    Is this worth it?

    I know a guy who isnt going to use the rest of his prop and he will sell it to me. He has like 14 ml he can give me so I was thinking about using it at 100mg/EOD with winstrol for 4 weeks. Would this provide any results? I would start it immediately after I stop the dbol I am on right now.

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    Depending on what your goals are and your diet most importantly. I would say..yes, you could see some results in the long run but not in a short 4 week time span.

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    In 4 weeks I don't see much happening..............

    What dosages

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    good results from the prop are quick but to maximize gains 8 wks is usually preferred

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    14ml? You would use a partially used vial? Not sure but I wouldn't use anyones partially used vial. Others may not care. I want that thing sealed when I get it.

    4 weeks is short. How long have you been running dbol and at what mg per day. Why did you do a dbol only cycle?

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