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Thread: Sus/Deca

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    My name is Mike I will be starting my first cycle in June,would like opinions about my cycle.

    Sus 250mg/week for 8 weeks
    Deca 200mg/week for 8 weeks, week 4/5 will take 400mg
    will include Novadex + clomid.

    My stats:

    1.74m tall
    3 years natural

    I would like to reach a weight of 95kg is this possible with my cycle?
    I hear that sus hurts alot, but most people recommend it highly for a first cycle.Well i hope i have selected a good begginer's cycle.
    I know alot of you include Dianabol for the first weeks but cannot afford it.

    Welcome to the real world.

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    I would do sus @500mg per week and deca @400 per week. As far as the dbol I always recommend against it first time out. A lot of guys do it their first (me included) but it is kinda harsh stuff

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    Nobody can tell you how much you will gain your first cycle: too many variables that depend on YOU alone. But 18 kilos (39.6 lbs) is probably too much to expect from any cycle.

    Sustanon is, IMO, the WORST drug for a first cycle. Shooting Sustanon less than 2X weekly is a complete waste--half the week you will have a lot of testosterone in your system, the other half, very little.

    You are better off with a single-ester testosterone like Test. Enathate or Cypionate , they are long-chain esters that release slowly and evenly into the body--and stable bllod levels are the key to maximizing growth.

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