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    When to shoot juice???

    10 week cycle:
    sustenon 250
    deca durabolin
    dianabol -25mg

    when should I shoot these during the day and week

    I was thinking about this:
    sustenon every monday morning before workout
    deca every thursday before workout
    dianabol every day for the first five weeks but I don't know whether to take it all at once or spread it out over the whole day.

    I thought that by spreading out the sustenon and deca I might hope to prevent to many ups and downs.

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    jersey juice is offline Member
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    Nov 2001
    How much sust & deca are you taking, I mix them together. It doesn't matter if you shoot before you lift because it's not like heroine where you feel the effects immediatly. Shoot at the same time on the same day if your only doing 250 sust & 200 deca. Dbol take 1 every 4 hours to keep blood levels even, very short half life, that you can take before you lift

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    one shot of deca /week?... if i was you i would bump it up to two per week giving you 400mg/week (i think this is a must) well as your sust...i would bump it up to 500mg/week but i dont know ur stats or AS experience.

    deca on monday and friday (200mg/shot)
    sust: wednesday..
    spread your dbols throughout the day

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    I agree the doses are too low, I'd do 200 deca /250 sust same needle on Tues and Sat. That way the deca takes the pain out of the prop in sust.

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