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    i cant believe this. 4mls short in each vial.

    i ordered some gear from our friend bruce lee and each bottle only had 6 and 7 mls in each. the first two vials had 7mls and the third only had 6mls. i cant do my cycle now. im short of gear. i emailed him and he hasnt responded yet. this is the first time i have used him and i get this. i hope he straightens things out cause there is a total of 12mls being left out between the 3 vials. damm this blows. just had to left off some steam. what are your thoughts on this? i wouldnt have mided if there were say 9mls in each but 7,7, and 6? this is wrong.

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    Are you positive you ordered from the man himself and not a re-shipper. From what I understand he doesn't deal in small orders and he definately doesn't deal in 10ml vials.

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    i got 3 10cc vials well underfilled to of EQ the only time I ordered oils it was 3 x 10cc of EQ and each one was like 7 or 8 max totalling like 6-9cc missing I didnt even bother saying anything as the 3 rd one is free if u bought 2 at that time


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    if im not using amps in a cycle and use vials i always preload all my pins before i start ,just to see exactly what i have to work with,and if i need more i get it first.but thats just me .i lay it all out tabs and everything.

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