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    win/ prop/ eq question

    I was wonder if you guys could help me out a little. how would you do a cycle of winny tabs, eq, and prop. in other words how much and how often would you take each. also does it matter if you shoot eq and prop in the same needle? I am trying to get as cut as possible. also, is clomid neccesary at the end of this? I am 5'11 at 200 lbs with 12% bf. any reccomoondations would be helpful. thanks guys

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    prop throughout the entire cycle is going to hurt, to say the least,,, but htis is how i would set it up.

    prop at 75-100mgs per day except the days you dont workout, eq at 400mgs per week, both for 10 weeks. run the winny at 50mgs per day weeks 7-12, and yes, you will need clomid.

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