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Thread: Suggestions

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    Question Sus. or test???

    Can anyone offer up some suggestions on whish test is best to go with?? I know test e is good but water retention is or should i say may be bad. What about test pro?? Any good words on that? Also if I wanted to go with primo depot and something which would be best recommended?? I was think sus, but what if i went with a test? And which test would be good and how much to take of each?? I've been doin a lot of research, but now i'm lookin for opinions or if you wanna say the easy way out through you guys. Thanks for the help!
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    that was pretty confusing bro.

    what are you trying to acheive with this cycle?

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    wow that was confusing

    my favorite was t200 i would make good size gains off it but right now sus/omni is quickly becoming my new favorite as the size gains i'm getting are extremely good quality muscle--hard and lean while putting on size

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    Just to point out jamie - Sust is test (4 types mixed in one).

    If you're worried about water retention you'll want to stay away from Sust. T200 shouldn't be too bad. Water retention with prop is less IMO but the frequency of injections is higher, so you might want to stay away from that if you're not experienced. Do some more research on dosage. You'll get a good idea by reading a few posts in this section.

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