I need to know what would be a good substitute for Clenbuterol . I had planned on doing a Lean Muscle Stack I saw for 9 weeks which used 400 Mg of Deca each week, Clen for the first three weeks and last three weeks, and T-3 for weeks 4,5,6,and 7. But, all three of my suppliers say they will be out of clen for about 2 months. My main guy sent the Deca and T-3 but substituted 200 Russian Dbol in place of the clen. I was curious about a few things:

Could I go ahead with the original stack and simply substitute an over the counter item such as Xenadrine for the entire 9 weeks?

Is there something similar that I could get from my guy?

Would just Deca and T-3 be enough?

Thanks for the help,