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Thread: Fat Loss

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    Fat Loss

    I am really in a bind. I have a very strange metabolism. I have been working out for eleven years and am about 6'5 275lbs. My strength is decent. I have never experimented with as but am thinking about it cause everytime I diet I lose to much weight to fast and I know I am sacrificing muscle and losing alot of water weight, cause my fat percentages are staying relatively the same. I am not looking to be educated. I am a certified personal trainer, have a minor in exercise science and health and nutrition. Like I said I have been training for 11 years. I know I dont know everything about natural training but I do know alot. Now to my questions. I have been debating on a few things. First let me set a few goals I would like to get my body fat to low double digits I am around 18-19 right now. Strength or size is not a huge concern because I tend to gain both when focused and consistent. So if I didnt gain a single pound of "weight" I would not be mad. I understand that essentially if my fat percentages are going down the only two substances I can be gaining is muscle and water weight. I want to find a one time cycle that will help me get my fat percentages down while perserving muscle. I know that oral cycles arent nearly as effective as injections but, it seems to me from research that based on my goals I could probably get by with an oral cycle. Not that I am afraid of needles just not experienced with them. I have been thinking of a couple of cycles.Prim/var/unsic acid/T3 (all oral) or Prim/Winny/eca/T3. I could substitute clen for eca or unsic acid. Also I can get my hands on T4 relatively easily, would this be a good way to cycle off of T3. Finally can anybody point me in the direction of a moderator in the DC metro area.

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    wow u dont want much lol oh well here goes I wll try to help, welcome to the board it might help if u didnt know everything!! I hope you can share some of ur vast knowledge with us as that is how it works as for the juice maybe I can help as I have a little knowledge!!

    I think your ideas and your thoughts are right about the fact u lose muscle mass when dieting this is pretty common without aas use. However with a good diet you can minimize loss for sure but I would say you are still gonna suffer some. If you are losing as much muscle as fat tthen you are doing something wrong in ur diet and training for sure.

    As for your cycle ideas all oral cycles are not recomended and I would go with that to I wouldnt say its a good idea harsh on the liver and not effective. Primo tabs are not good and you would need a shit load to make any effect also hard on the body with not much if any effect. Winnie is great for your goals also eca, clen and T3( if used with other aas) otherwise it will add to ur muscle waistage for sure. I would suggest do some more research maybe into a test/equipose/winnie or var cycle. I really like var and it would be good for what you want gives great pumps increases ur strength and helps when dieting for sure, I use it all the time. I am not sure about T4 cos I have never looked into it I have just explained somewhere on another post about using T3 and how to use it you need to be carefull as it can permanently fuck up ur thyroid so do some good research about it and you will find out for sure. Hope that help


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